Why Parzow Auctions?

*A Full Service Auction Firm
   We provide the following services such as total estate or house clean outs, complete packing of your items, taking donation items to the local Good Will if needed and total senior downsizing services. We gladly provide all senior transition services. We also provide estate appraisals for estate purposes, divorce or just working with the parents to let the children know the value of a well established collection.


   Our appraisals are used for an array of purposes such as; estates, inssurance, trusts, IRS tax purposes or donations.  They are professionally prepared in a timely manner and are always notarized.  Additional copies are available upon request.  Rates are reasonable and competitive.

*Sales Promotion & Advertising

   With an extensive mailing list targeted directly towards active collectors, dealers and museums rapport with local, regional press and trade publications which benefit auctions through enhanced press releases.
For years Parzow Auctions have advertised locally and nationally in the countries leading Antique publications. All of our auctions are placed on and Also we come directly to your location to photograph your items for auction. Never a charge for consulting.

   Items are sorted to sell in sales where they will achieve the best results. Whether it be in our monthly estate auctions or one of our many specialty sales, your items will be placed into an auction that optimized it's potential. 

*Trained & Experienced Staff

   With knowledgeable auction and antique experience, the staff of Howard B. Parzow, Auctioneers are always willing and able to accommodate any need. All of our staff appreciate and respect your items knowing how much time and dedication you have spent in collecting.

*Guaranteed Check
   Your funds will be mailed 15 days after your consignment is completed.

*Pick Up Service
   Parzow Auctions will schedule a pick-up of one item or a entire estate and provide the man power and resources to ensure its safe handling. We are proud of our in house moving team. We provide local and nation wide moving to ensure your collection arrives to our facility safely. 




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