The Museum Quality Medical Collection of the late
Dr. Ronald Richard Berger M.D. of Baltimore Maryland 

*****NOVEMBER 3rd 2018 at the FREDERICK FAIRGROUNDS*****
(Auction Preview on Friday, November 2nd from Noon to 4pm)

This rare collection will be auctioned at no reserve and no internet bidding!
A live auction that any collector will want to attend in person.

So make your plans now. Auctions of this nature only come around once in a lifetime.

This collection has numerous early physicians’ surgical kits, including large, small and pocket from the 1700s to the Civil War period (several Civil War period surgical kits w/ bone saws), sailing ship physicians’ medical kits in the original wooden chests. Microscope collection 18th and 19th century, collection of leech jars, cupping sets c. 1790, bleeder instruments and bleeder kits c. 1700s – 1800s, numerous early medical instruments, early opium pipe collection, outstanding collection of gold coin, druggist, pocket and physicians scales, scale weight sets, mortar and pestle collection, comprehensive sets of postmortem instruments in brass-bound mahogany cases, invalid and infant feeders c. 1830, diagnostic instruments, bone saws and bone-cutting chain saw, early surgical kits from France and United States, rare sterling silver ear trumpet c. 1812, plus others, quack medicine devices, highly decorated Chinese urinal, ceramic spittoons, numerous scalpel kits, Mahogany-cased stomach and breast pumps c.1800, silver sick siphons, enema set c. 1860, early aspiration sets, Roman instruments from the first and second centuries AD, dental tooth keys, dental instruments, human skulls for medical purposes only, numerous stethoscope, lancet case c. 1860, numerous early medical and surgical books, reference books, animal and human bones, ancient Roman medical kit, rare physician’s walking cane w/instruments, sea captain’s walking cane w/telescope, collection of colorful “wills” medical-related cigarette cards, “Godfrey Phillips” series of medical related cards, medical related trade cards, black memorabilia trade cards, syringe collection, medical supply trade catalogs, early rabbi circumcision kits, stethoscopes, pill rollers, Chinese medical kit, pot lids, WWII-related medical kits, small operating kit WWI, dose cups, Greek and Roman surgical instruments, retractors, 3-D color paper skeleton diagram, U.S. Navy surgical chest, endoscopy sets, early French faience barber’s bowl (bleeding bowl), medical kits from London c. 1800 in wooden cases, c. 1840s medical instruments
w/ bone handles, extremely rare barber kit belonging to George P. Frick of Baltimore, MD, 1825-1885, numerous medical related ephemera,
numerous early almanacs, fantastic oak apothecary cabinet 9’ L x 8’5” H x 12” D, complete w/ all doors and drawers, numerous apothecary reverse on glass bottles, numerous patent medicines, cobalt-blue large apothecary show globe, cobalt-blue apothecary bottles, rare oak “Allison” doctor office cabinet which expands out to show storage of inter-hidden compartments, c. 1880, Humphrey’s Specifics tin front advertising cabinet w/ header sign, c. 1910, apothecary scales, advertising signs, advertising tins, numerous pill and tablet boxes,
 porcelain ointment jars, assorted drug jars, early corn razors, antique wooden wheel chair

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